The Best Ways To Stick To Your 2018 Goals

The month of January is associated with new starts and setting goals for the year ahead. We begin with heaps of determination to make this year better than the last. But now that we’ve reached the end of the month, how many of us have actually kept up with our New Year’s Resolutions?

Apparently, January 12th is the day that most people start to give up and it is now known as Quitter’s Day. With research suggesting that it takes around twenty-one days to build a habit in the first place, this is a poor try at becoming the “new you”.

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3 Days In Edinburgh Itinerary

4 Days Edinburgh Arthur's Seat Itinerary Scotland Travel Guide Hike

When I think of going on holiday, I usually imagine escaping the UK to somewhere a bit more exotic. But my recent trip to Edinburgh made me realise that we have some beautiful city escapes right here on our little island.

Edinburgh is a place full of friendly people, delicious food and lots of history which, if I’m honest, really did surprise me! I had no idea what a cultural hub it is. It’s a great option for a long weekend away from London and if you’re not a fan of airports, it’s just a train ride away.

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Taste Of Sri Lanka: Hoppers Restaurant

Hoppers London Restaurant St Christopher's Place Sri Lankan Food Chef Suresh Pilai

On my way to Hoppers at St Christopher’s Place my expectations were very high. Just like Dishoom before it, there was a lot of hype around the restaurant, with queues extending out the door every day for a seat inside.

I’d never actually tried Sri Lankan food before and was expecting something similar to the Pakistani and Indian cuisine that I’m used to but there was a lot on the menu I’d never seen.

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