How LA Inspired London To Grow Up

If you ignore the stigma attached to LA for being vain and pretentious, you can learn a lot from it. And that’s exactly what London seems to have done. We’ve swapped bragging about boozy weekends, hangovers and takeaway for organic food, juicing and the gym. LA has inspired London to do some much needed growing up.

Sadly we can’t bring the sun drenched palms and ocean to this city but we can still live the lifestyle. LA-ers know a thing or two about clean-living, from what they eat and drink to how they socialise with exercise. They’ve got health down to an art. Why shouldn’t we take tips from them?

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LA Clean Living Los Angeles Food Raw Pumpkin Spinach Avocado

The focus is on natural food, as unprocessed as possible. It’s fresh and far more nourishing for your body. Ingredients do require more preparation but you’ll reap the benefits. If you’re short on time or feeling lazy, invest in some kitchen tools like a spiralizer to help you along.

There have been some great restaurants opening up in London that focus on raw, natural food, such as Nama in Notting Hill. Here you can also take raw food courses and follow a cleanse programme. And let’s not forget Whole Foods, the archetypal Californian supermarket that we’ve fallen in love with.

At home, try spinach with pine nuts or pumpkin and chickpea curry. I made the curry for my family this weekend and loved it! For dessert, be creative with your ingredients to add a bit of goodness into the mix. I will be trying chocolate avocado mousse. See 5 Avocado Desserts for more ideas.


LA Clean Living Los Angeles Drink Smoothies Juice Ginger Lemon Tea Green

One of the biggest crazes to hit London from overseas is the trend for juicing. Green juices are everywhere and growing in popularity with the help of celebrities and social media. Whether blending up a quick smoothie-to-go or popping into one of London’s many juice bars, this drink starts your day off with a boost.

I became a devotee during my West Coast road trip this summer after I discovered how surprisingly tasty Kale was in juice form. Back in England, I tried one from Joe & The Juice in Chelsea and reminisced about my short-lived California life. Next on my list to try is Roots & Bulbs.

Tea. Britain’s number one love. Although it’s difficult saying no to a proper brew, try swapping just one of your daily fixes for a green or ginger & lemon tea. Both are full of antioxidants and great for detoxing.


LA Clean Living Los Angeles Exercise Jog Dog Cycling Yoga Hiking

In LA, exercise is as much about catching up with friends as increasing your heart rate. The social element not only makes it more fun but encourages you to keep up with your peers. Londoners have taken to hiking, yoga and pilates with group classes increasing in popularity. Many also cycle to work now, avoiding the cramped conditions of the underground.

And, if you don’t have a friend to go with, take your dog for a jog. While I was in California I spotted a whole family out for a run: a couple, their dog, and their baby in a pram.


LA Clean Living Los Angeles Style Bare Faces Flats Sports Luxe Messy Hair

Flats over heels – thank god. A trend that I’m more than happy about. Although I can’t deny the glamorous allure of the heel, it’s a painful look to keep up whilst running around the uneven streets of London. Women have been swapping their power heels for practical flats in the office and with the continuing rise of sports luxe, even trainers have made their way into some workplaces.

This easygoing attitude continues in the beauty trends too. The word of the moment is ‘effortless.’ Barely there make-up and messy, natural looking waves help bring that laidback, Cali style together.

Now all we need is the sun to come out…

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