5 Fun Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween costumes that are something other than a witch, cat or zombie.

1. Melting Barbie

Melting Barbie Halloween Costume Idea

This look is great if you want to dress up for the night but still be creative with your costume. Not difficult to do and looks very effective!

Tutorials by FreshBlush and SMLx0


2. Exposed Muscles

Muscles Halloween Costume Idea Face Paint

Rather than the typical skull makeup, try the muscles. Looks pretty scary to me…

Tutorials by Riituuu, Madeyewlook and Kelly Eddington


3. Comic Girl

Comic Girl Halloween Costume Idea Face Paint

I tried this look myself last year and it is pretty fun to create. I added some blood and stitches to mine to give it more of a Halloween feel.

Tutorials by Var Broca and monomolove

4. Ursula

Ursula Halloween Costume Idea Face Paint

Great if you’ve already got the grey hair.

Tutorials by dope2111 and juancarlos960


5. Disgust or Sadness

Disgust Halloween Costume Idea Inside Out

Tutorials by Charisma Star and Glamour

Sadness Halloween Costume Idea Inside Out

Tutorials by rotoscopers and Jazzybum

Take inspiration from the Inside Out characters for a modern Halloween costume.


I hope these looks have given you some inspiration! Have fun and feel free to share your own ideas with me 🙂

xo Sunna


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