January Favourites

January Favourites Flat Lay Urban Outfitters Girl On Train

Better late than never! January was a good start to the year for me as I decided to get more organised. Working freelance can be a challenge when you’re at home and left to your own devices. I made some simple changes for my New Year’s Resolution, such as sticking to office hours, which has made a huge difference in my time management. I feel far more productive – success!

So what’s made my month a little bit more interesting? January favourites:


1. Podcasts

January Favourites Adnan Syed Hae Min Lee Serial Podcast

When a friend recommended hit series, Serial, last year I got addicted to podcasts. You’ve most likely heard of the now-famous murder case of Hae Min Lee which was the subject of the first season. I was really excited to hear that it was back with a second. This season focuses on U.S. soldier, Bowe Bergdhal, who walked off his post in 2014 and got captured by the Taliban. Both seasons are seriously addictive thanks to host, Sarah Koenig’s storytelling ability. I recommend this to anyone who has time on their hands for two very gripping true stories.

P.S. For anyone who really got into Hae Min Lee’s murder case, I found a follow up podcast series called Undisclosed, produced by lawyers. This podcast goes into far more detail on the court proceedings and the State’s shifty handling of the case.

January Favourites No Such Thing As A Fish QI Elves Podcast

On a slightly lighter note, I also love a podcast by QI researchers, called No Such Thing As A Fish. Every week they deliver the most interesting facts and discoveries they have found in a very humorous and entertaining show. With Serial you need time to sit and concentrate properly, No Such Thing is far more easy listening – great for commutes.


2. Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

January Favourites the-girl-on-the-train-book Paula Hawkins 2016 movie emily blunt

I’d been meaning to read this book ever since posters were plastered all over the Underground. When I realised it was being turned into a film this year, I thought I’d better hurry up. And I’m glad I did. The story is really gripping and told in diary form from the central characters. The mystery element is maintained the whole way through and I could barely put it down! Hawkins writing style is really easy to read and the characters are very relatable to working, London women. Looking forward to the film which will be starring some great actresses: Emily Blunt, who I loved in The Devil Wears Prada and Laura Prepon who plays Alex Vause in Orange Is The New Black.


3. Adult Colouring Books

January Favourites Enchanted Forest Johanna Basford Inky Quest Adult Colouring Book

Seeing as I am pretty much still a kid at heart, it was about time I got myself one of these. I found one I love by Johanna Basford called Enchanted Forest: An Inky Quest. It’s absolutely beautiful, even just for the illustrations inside. I had a look through some of her other books as well such as Secret Garden and Lost Ocean – really pretty designs. Aside from the fun and creative aspect, adult colouring books have been encouraged for relieving stress and increasing mindfulness. So there’s your excuse if you needed one.


4. Urban Outfitters Deer Ring Holder

January Favourites Urban Outfitters Deer Doe Ring Holder

Another small way of organising my life a little better. I have way too many rings so this cute, deer ring-holder from Urban Outfitters was a perfect gift from my sister. Unfortunately they’re all sold out now but they do some pretty cool jewellery storage products in general, have a look here. I’m loving the Bison Skull and glass Display Stand.


5. Andina London

January Favourites Andina London Shoreditch Peruvian Tapas Food Restaurant

This month I was introduced to Peruvian cuisine, something I’d never tried before. And if the food at Andina London in Shoreditch is anything to go by, then I’m a huge fan! Not only is it one of London’s top Peruvian restaurants, but it’s great for newbies due to its tapas style dining. I was able to try a whole range of food: Croquetas de Maca and Chifles for starters, and Lamb Chukulati and Huacaina Sauce Chips for main. The Croquetas and Lamb were particularly amazing. They also did a red wine called Terra Andina Reserva Syrah which they described as velvety and caramel – soooo good. Go and try it out!


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xo Sunna


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