Vogue 100: A Century Of Style

A collection of some of my favourite images from Vogue 100: A Century of Style at the National Portrait Gallery, London. The exhibition showcased over 280 prints from the Condé Nast archive and international collections to tell the story of one of the most influential fashion magazines in the world…

Vogue 100 Bright Fashion for Dark Days

Bright Fashion for Dark Days, June 1944 by ‘Eric’ Carl Erickson

Looking brightly towards peace in the month of the Normandy landings, flower hats and ‘stem’ dresses illustrated by American Carl Erickson added some optimistic colour.


Vogue 100 The New Look Clifford Coffin

The New Look, April 1948 by Clifford Coffin

An example of Dior’s New Look: a houndstooth wool dress with an envol (take-off) back. A strong romantic feeling prevailed throughout the spring collections, evoking the Paris of Toulouse-Lautrec and Renoir.


Vogue 100 Wenda Parkinson Hyde Park Corner Vogue

Wenda Parkinson at Hyde Park Corner, February 1951 by Norman Parkinson

Rus in urbe. Mrs Norman Parkinson wears a tweed suit by Hardy Amies and a black lamb box coat from the London collections.


Vogue 100 Anne Gunnin in Jaipur

Anne Gunning in Jaipur, November 1956 by Norman Parkinson

‘In India,’ declared Vogue, ‘one’s urgent wish is to be a photographer. The eye is stormed a million times a day by colour of a full-throated beauty.’


Vogue 100 Tribute to Marilyn Monroe

Tribute to Marilyn Monroe, September 1962 by Bert Stern



Vogue 100 Apollonia in Barbados

Apollonia in Barbados, 1973 by Norman Parkinson


Beth Chatto's Gardening Boots

Beth Chatto’s Gardening Boots, Essex, December 1984 by Tessa Traeger

The celebrated plantswoman’s boots and collecting basket pictured amid the funnel-shaped blooms of Colchicum ‘Rosy Dawn.’


Vogue 100 Christy Turlington La Coupole Paris april 1988

Christy Turlington in La Coupole, Paris, April 1988 by Arthur Elgort

Pictured in the famous Parisian brasserie, the supermodel-to-be wears a signature Chanel tweed suit and lace ‘meringue’ hat.


Vogue 100 Diana Princess of Wales

Diana, Princess of Wales, December 1990 by Patrick Demarchelier

The most recognisable woman of her time, Diana had travelled far to become a modern, soignée princess.


Christy Turlington New Beauty

New Beauty, March 1992 Christy Turlington by Javier Vallhonrat

‘Exquisite make-up and scent are the essence of the new, bewitching beauty,’ said Vogue – and clearly, too, an idiosyncratic sombrero.


Kate Moss Vogue Cover Corinne Day

Kate Moss, 1993 by Corinne Day

‘She was just a cocky kid from Croydon,’ recalled Day, adding, ‘she wasn’t like a model, but I knew she was going to be famous.’


Gold Kate Mos

Gold Kate Moss, December 2000 by Nick Knight

For a special issue, British designers were invited to create gold outfits. The swan-neck profile was instantly recognisable.


Vogue 100 Alexander McQueen Tim Walker

Alexander McQueen, October 2009 by Tim Walker

‘McQueen,’ observed Vogue, ‘is obsessed with sex, death and religion,’ and ‘respects no limits to what a fashion show can be.’


vivienne westwood tim walker

Vivienne Westwood, October 2009 by Tim Walker

‘Anyone can just take any blanket, pair of curtains or a lump of fabric and hurl it around them,’ said the thrice-named Designer of the Year of her DIY fashion aesthetic.


Helena Bonham Carter by Tim Walker

Glass Elevator, December 2008 Helena Bonhan Carter by Tim Walker

For a Christmas tableau, inspired by Roald Dahl’s stories, the actress wears a sapphire-blue dance dress by Alexander McQueen.


Vogue 100 Stephen Jones Tim Walker

Stephen Jones, December 2013 by Tim Walker

The celebrated milliner in a design of his own creation, ‘I feel like Barbara Cartland on acid,’ he commented.


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