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March saw me finish my first internship with a magazine and it’s given me a heap of inspiration for my blog work. As you can see, I’ve had a bit of an upgrade, starting with getting my own domain name and purchasing a new theme from Etsy seller, MaiLoveParis. I also collaborated with a friend to create a brand new header, which leads me swiftly on to the first of my March favourites:

1. Graphic Designer: Beth Fenton

March Favourites Inspired In The City Header Blog Beth Fenton Sunna Naseer Floral Print

I’ve known Beth for many years now as we met back at school. I’ve had the privilege of seeing her grow from an avid doodler to a multi-talented graphic designer. I’ve always been a fan of her work, wishing my drawings would have as much character as hers, so I was very excited when she offered to create a new header for my blog. As we brainstormed, we both had the same idea to use my fashion prints as inspiration. Beth expertly transformed my moody florals into a city skyline to fit my blog name and added her own font and some hand drawn elements as a finishing touch. I’m so pleased with the outcome and the reaction from others has also been great – so a big THANK YOU to you, Beth!

About the artist: Beth creates both digital and hand drawn illustrations using her favourite tools: a black pen, photoshop and illustrator. She likes to mix these elements together in her work as she did with my blog header. You should go check out more of her work by visiting her online portfolio.

March Favourites Beth Fenton Graphic Designer
© Beth Fenton


2. Home Decor

March Favourites Sass And Belle Party Ring Coasters
1. Sass & Belle Biscuit Coasters | 2. Sass & Belle Heart Plaque

When I saw these party ring coasters from Sass & Belle that my sister’s friends bought for her, I got childishly excited – perhaps because of the nostalgic buzz I felt for such a classic kid’s biscuit. Add to that my odd love of things either smaller or bigger than their original size and you’ve got the perfect product. So much fun.

I stumbled across one of their shops in Brighton over the Easter weekend so I thought I’d have a look. They sell so many cute home decor items, it was tempting to keep spending but I practised some self-restraint and settled for a cute heart plaque as a gift to my mum to hang in her new kitchen.

March Favourites Black Pearl Fairy Lights Rose

Also along my travels down the Brighton Lanes, I was drawn to these pretty ivory rose fairy lights hanging in the window of a small shop called, Black Pearl. I had already walked past them once before but they got me the second time around and I decided to hand over the money. They look great entwined around my bed – I love them!


3. Podcast: The Lively Show

March Favourites Jess Lively Show Podcast

As you may have read in my January Favourites, I’ve gotten into podcasts this year so I’m always looking for a new one to catch my attention. I realised I was going down a bit of a scary route with Serial, Undisclosed and Criminal on my list, making my bed-time listening a little bit unsettling. So I decided to find some of a different theme… I’ve gone with lifestyle and career-related. Of those, I would recommend The Lively Show.

Hosted by Jess Lively from Michigan, this podcast is particularly suited to female entrepreneurs, with episodes made up of guests giving career and lifestyle advice. The podcast describes itself as, “designed to uplift, inspire and help you add a little bit of intention to your everyday,” and can be a little bit on the over-enthusiastic, cheesy side for the average British listener. But overall, I enjoy the message and advice given, and find the insight into successful entrepreneurs’ lives very motivational.


4. Invisibobble

March Favourites Invisibobble
Invisibobble Traceless Hair Band

I got given a pack of these traceless hair bands whilst interning with Sheerluxe when they received a box of samples to try. They come in a range of colours and I quite liked the packaging on the one I received, named, ‘Something Blue.’ But I’m easily pleased.

I don’t often put my hair up so I gave one to my sister to try first and I literally didn’t see it leave her hair for a few days. Safe to say she was impressed. I decided to finally give it a try when I went to the gym and I was very pleased with the result – no kinks in my hair afterwards and best of all, no headache!


5. Books, books and more books

March Favourites Books Marian Keyes Making It Up Aliza Licht Leave Your Mark Truman Capote Cold Blood
1. Marian Keyes Making It Up As I Go Along | 2. Aliza Licht Leave Your Mark | 3. Truman Capote In Cold Blood

So, I’m a book addict. But we won’t get into that. Here are three I’d recommend from my most recent reads:

Making It Up As I Go Along by Marian Keyes

Marian Keyes is an Irish writer with a witty and silly charm that grows on you the more you read. ‘Making It Up As I Go Along,’ is a collection of essays – some original, some taken from previously published articles – that range in topic from health and beauty, to family and friends, to soul searching and travels.

Many articles were relatable to my own life whilst others were simply funny to read due to Keyes’ proneness to addiction and her weirdly unique perspectives on the world.


Leave Your Mark by Aliza Licht

What can I say about Aliza Licht? She’s a role model. I’m so glad I was recommended this book by a fellow writer. ‘Leave Your Mark,’ has given me a great insight into the world of magazines, personal branding and social media. As well as that, it was really interesting to read Licht’s personal journey coming from the world of medicine and successfully breaking into the fashion industry. I’d urge anyone else interested in blogging, journalism, or PR to give this a read. The book is broken up into sections, teaching you how to land your dream job, survive office politics, get a promotion, rock social media and create a personal brand. Licht introduces you to techniques you can put into practise straight away.


In Cold Blood by Truman Capote

This book was recommended to me by a tutor at Condé Nast College so expectations were high… Luckily, I was not let down. ‘In Cold Blood,’ is considered to be the first non-fiction novel – a real-life murder told in the form of a story. I found it a very interesting style to read as the descriptive storytelling makes you almost forget that it’s based on a true event – the brutal murder of the Clutter family who were shot to death in an isolated farmhouse in Holcomb, Kansas.

When Capote stumbled across the murder story in the New York Times, it was the mythical and universal quality of the crime that intrigued him, rather than the gruesome subject itself. Together with good friend, Harper Lee (who wrote To Kill A Mockingbird), Capote travelled to Holcomb to do extensive research and interviewing of those involved in the case, including the murderers themselves. This makes for a gripping format, where the reader’s focus switches between the Clutters before their demise, and the murderers, as they plan, carry out and are convicted of their crime.


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xo Sunna


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