Spring Summer 2016 For… The Minimalist

Minimalist Spring Summer 2016

New season, new wardrobe! But with so many different trends to wade through, it can be a bit daunting to discover what’s right for you. No worries! I’m here to help, bringing you a mini-series on dressing for your style. This week I’ve curated my top Spring Summer 2016 looks for… The Minimalist

How to tell if you’re a Minimalist:

  • You like clean lines, fluidity and form
  • You live in black, navy, camel and grey
  • Prints and embellishment rarely make it into your wardrobe
  • Your clothes are tailored but not too tight
  • Your outfit is not complete without a statement accessory


R U N W A Y  E D I T
Minimalist Spring Summer 2016 Runway

Minimalists are all about understated details and clean lines creating an effortless feel to their look. For Spring 2016, this laid-back attitude gets even more relaxed –  fluidity paired with sculptural pieces being the key aesthetic.

The silhouette is soft, with rounded shoulders and long lines. Trousers and jeans move away from skinny to a straight or wide leg. Layering is still a fundamental aspect with textures used to create interest.


Minimalist Spring Summer 2016 Details

Accessories can make or break the Minimalist’s outfit. Once again, clean lines, fluidity and sculpture are key. This season, wear backless shoes or flat sandals with half-moon or bucket bags.

Add levels to your look by expertly teaming soft and structured fabrics together. Experiment with crepe, suede, leather and knit.


Minimalist Spring Summer 2016 Stripes

Though prints and pattern are not often seen on you, the stripe is a classic that can fit seamlessly into the Minimalist’s refined wardrobe. Wear uniform or pinstripes or opt for a subtler look with soft pleats.


H I G H S T R E E T  E D I T
Minimalist spring summer 2016 ASOS River Island
1. VILA Denim Jumpsuit | 2. ASOS Denim Pinafore | 3. River Island Culotte Jumpsuit
Minimalist spring summer 2016 Topshop River Island
1. River Island Stripe Playsuit | 2. Topshop Pinstripe Jumpsuit | 3. River Island Suede Wrap Skirt
Minimalist spring summer 2016 French Connection Dorothy Perkins Miss Selfridge
1. French Connection Leather Skirt | 2. Dorothy Perkins Ivory Shirt | 3. Miss Selfridge Belted Skirt


Minimalist spring summer 2016 New Look
1. New Look Midi Skirt | 2. New Look Stripe Jacket | 3. New Look Duffle Bag
Minimalist spring summer 2016 New Look River Island
1. River Island Double Sided Bag | 2. New Look Sling Back Heels | 3. River Island Stitched Tote Bag
Minimalist spring summer 2016 Shoes Office
1. Office Tie Up Sandals | 2. Office Ankle Tie Heels


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Image Credits: RalphLauren.com, MyBlondeGal.comVogue.co.uk


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