How To Wake Up With Perfect Hair

I don’t know about you, but having perfect hair is a big deal to me. If my hair’s not right, I don’t feel right. As hair stylist, Chris Kurz, told me during an interview, “People say clothes make a person but I believe it’s the hair.”

I understand where he’s coming from. When my hair feels flat or lifeless, I feel less confident than when I’m having a good hair day. But annoyingly, we can’t always afford to lose precious hours of sleep in order to wake up early and create a beautiful hair-do.

Luckily, I’ve discovered some great tips over the years that actually work in keeping my hair looking good all day. The best part is that I barely have to do anything when I wake up as most of the prep is done the night before – perfect!

The prep you should be doing totally depends on what look you want to achieve in the morning, so read on for my guide to waking up with perfect hair.


Perfect Hair Curls Style Tips

Perfect Hair: Curls

Once hair is curled, loosely tie into a ponytail on the top of your head by tipping your head upside down. Use a scrunchie to avoid creating any dents in the hair. If your hair is long, continue by wrapping hair around the scrunchie, then tucking back into the tie to create a loose bun. Cover with a silky scarf to keep in place.



Perfect Hair Waves Wavy Style Tips

Perfect Hair: Waves

This is my go-to look at the moment, so simple to do and quick to sort out in the morning. Simply plait your hair before bed (I use french plaits) and undo in the morning! Depending on how loose you would like your waves to be, plait hair when completely dry or when slightly damp to really set the waves into place. If you’re not washing your hair that night, plait and dampen with a bit of water.

Fix any weird kinks with your straighteners in the morning and add volume with a bit of dry shampoo and you’re all set!

Tip: For bigger waves create one plait, for medium create two, for smaller create three, etc.



Perfect Hair Loose Beach Waves Style Tips

Perfect Hair: Loose Waves

Add some texturising spray to 90% dry hair and run it through your hair. Section hair into two and tightly twist each side in one direction. Pin to the top of your head for bed. Undo in the morning and add some more spray, then roughly scrunch with your hands to finish off.

Tip: For messier loose waves, scrunch up into a messy bun rather than tightly twisting.



Perfect Hair Messy Bed-Head Style Tips

Perfect Hair: Messy Bed-Head

This look is full of texture and volume – you have been warned! Blast your hair upside down with a hairdryer until it’s 90% dry. Go to bed and wake up with a nest on your head. Roughly comb through with your fingers and finish off with texturising spray.

It’s not actually as scary as it sounds and I’ve tried this several times before. This look is best kept for the weekend rather than the office.



Perfect Hair Straight Sleek Style Tips

Perfect Hair: Sleek & Straight

Keeping your hair looking sleek overnight is a difficult one to achieve but it can be done! I used to just try my best not to sleep on my hair but that was as annoying as it sounds.

Instead, once hair is completely dry and smooth, carefully twist in one direction and start pinning hair to the top of your head, creating a flat bun. For extra care, lightly tie a silky scarf around your head to keep in place. Undo the bun in the morning and finish off by applying some smoothing serum to tackle any problem hairs.


I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know if you have any great tips of your own!

xo Sunna


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