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Mother Beauty Lessons Timeline
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No way. I thought you were sisters!!” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this comment of pure disbelief when out with my mother. It can feel insulting for an instant before I remember that she looks incredibly young for her age and it’s not that I look over 20 years older.

I feel lucky to have her genes and hope to look as youthful at her age, but despite not necessarily needing to, she does also take great care of her skin. So I thought it was about time I learn her secrets for myself…


Though my mother places great importance on skin care, she doesn’t like to fuss over it. No expensive face creams or latest fad treatments for her. In fact, she likes nothing more than to discover cheap, every day products that work just as well at keeping her looking youthful, “In Pakistan, people just used ghee butter to hydrate their skin.”

Her top three basic essentials are:


Mother Basic Skin Care Beauty Products
1. Johnson’s Baby Oil | 2. Vaseline Original | 3. Pond’s Moisturiser




My mum loves a homemade beauty recipe – she’s got a fix for nearly everything! The foundations for most of her remedies come from growing up in Pakistan where cooking ingredients such as turmeric, besan and coconut oil are also used widely for their cosmetic benefits.

Turmeric, in particular, works wonders for your skin and can be used to cure acne, dark spots, dryness and fine lines, as well as turning into a great exfoliating scrub when mixed with besan. For hair, coconut oil is a god-send. It stimulates growth, and adds lustre and softness to dull, dry hair. For my mum growing up, coconut oil was an expensive, luxury item.

Mother Beauty Lessons Recipe Skin Face Mask

Mother Beauty Lessons Recipe Hair Mask



Make Up

Mother Beauty Lessons Make Up

Being well-presented is essential to my mother. She takes pride in her appearance and would much rather be overdressed than underdressed – something that has been ingrained into my mind after years of hearing, “You could have worn something better, Sunna…”

However, this does not mean she over-does it. She has taught me how to dress for the occasion and be suitable for your surroundings. Especially as I come from two backgrounds, having grown up in Britain but often visiting family from more modest cultures. It is a honed skill getting the balance of fashion and suitability right.

I don’t often see my mum go out without make-up on. She enjoys getting dressed up but on a day-to-day basis she prefers the natural look: bright and even skin, a hint of lip colour and emphasis on the eyes.


Get the look:

  • Start off with a BB or CC cream base and add a touch of illuminating highlighter to your brow and cheek bones.
  • Sweep a light coverage of powder to even out skin tone and eliminate unwanted shine
Mother Beauty Lessons Foundation Make Up
1. L’Oreal CC Cream | 2. Revlon PhotoReady Powder | 3. Revlon PhotoReady Skinlights


  • Outline upper eyelids with liquid liner. My mum loves Collection’s Fast Stroke but she was delighted to find a cheaper alternative by Make Up Gallery at Poundland!
  • For more definition, use a pencil liner on the outer corners of your lower lids
  • Apply a coat of your favourite mascara
Mother Beauty Lessons Eye Liner Make Up
1. Collection Fast Stroke Eye Liner | 2. Make Up Gallery Pro Liquid Eye Liner


  • Line and fill your lips using a natural colour ranging from nude or pink to brown. My mum likes to mix her colours to achieve the exact shade she requires
  • Top with a light layer of pink lipstick to even-out and finish
Mother Beauty Lessons Lipstick Make Up
1. No7 Moisture Drench Lipstick: Highland Mist | 2. The Body Shop Lip Liner: Mahogany


Top tip: Keep your makeup brushes clean! My mum likes to pop them in the dishwasher or use baby shampoo as an alternative



Mother Beauty Lessons Jewellery Rings

Rings will always remind me of my mother. She’s hardly ever seen without them on. It’s her way of making a statement and she takes great pride in finding the perfect matching jewellery to wear with an outfit. Her collection is enormous and enviable, though this is perfect for my sister and I, as she doesn’t notice when we pinch a ring or two to wear ourselves.

I realise how often I wear rings now when I forget to put them on and find myself trying to play with a missing one on my finger. I definitely get my jewellery addiction from her and would love to inherit the vast majority of her items… *hint hint*

Mother Beauty Lessons Jewellery


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xo Sunna


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  1. I LOVE this post. I had no idea tumeric could be used for the skin I totally have to try it. I love a good home remedy. For me Aloe Vera is my magic, cheap, go to product.

  2. Thanks Hannah! Definitely try it out, it can be used in so many beauty masks. Let me know how it goes 🙂

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