How To Wear The Tiara Trend In Real Life

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Many girls would love to be able to get away with wearing a pretty tiara in their hair. But that just doesn’t fit into real life without looking like a child playing dress up. So it’s weird when a trend such as this suddenly appears all over the catwalk. I know, the catwalk is not immune to being “silly” but this seemingly unwearable trend could actually be tweaked for real life. To be honest, I just want to feel satisfied in the knowledge that I can wear a tiara if I really, really want to.

Think of the tiara as less of a pompous crown and more of an update to the headband. While it’s true that it has its limitations – it’s definitely not for everyone – it does have the potential to look really stylish. You just have to follow some very specific rules…

How To Get Away With Wearing A Tiara

Tiara Trend Spring 2016 Model Headband

The key to getting this look right is to go subtle and understated or paired with a clashing aesthetic i.e. grungy. Wear your hair down and messy and whatever you do, don’t go for sleek and polished. Unless you want to look like a wannabe royal. The aesthetic needs to be an obvious contrast to the glitz of the tiara.

Wear with casual or grungy clothes as seen on the catwalk: biker jackets, boyfriend blazers, ripped jeans, denim jackets, etc. See Saint Laurent for ideas on how to add some attitude to your tiara.

This seems obvious but I’ll say it anyway for fear of anyone making the mistake – don’t wear this look to a casual lunch or when you’re out grocery shopping. Do wear this look to an evening event, dinner in town or a party. Avoid tiaras that are tall, sparkly and extravagant, opt for dainty, delicate and sophisticated. You could also try wearing it off to the side rather than centre to add to the unpolished effect.

If you’re afraid of overdoing it, just take aspects as inspiration. Go for a small section rather than a full on tiara. That could be a headband with an ornate fixture, a clip-in accessory or hair slide. Put your hair in a half up-do and clip the accessory in place to emulate.


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Subtle nod…

Tiara Asos Headband Shop Girl Crown Outfit
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Tiara Asos Headband Shop Girl Crown Hair Slide
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