Revlon Make Up Brush Collection 2016

Revlon Powder Make Up Brush Review Contour Highlight Eyebrow Cheek

You can’t help but notice how beautiful Revlon‘s new make up brushes are. I was surprised to hear though, that these stunningly designed brushes are in collaboration with BMW Group’s, Designworks. An unlikely pairing that resulted in luxury design for the high street.

Taking the red and black theme from Revlon, BMW came up with a sleek, matte design featuring a diamond grip handle and red metallic accents. The brushes are extremely soft on the skin with a lightweight feel. They are weighted and balanced to create ultimate comfort in use.

The collection is made up of eight individual brushes with ten features: Lip, powder, blending, contour, foundation, blush, double ended smokey eye, lash and brow.


T H E  B R U S H E S

Revlon Make Up Brush Review Contour Highlight Eyebrow Cheek



Revlon Make Up Brush Lip

Revlon’s Lip Brush features a round, tapered brush with luxury bristles that allows for a smooth, even and flawless application.

How to use: Start at the centre of your lips and blend out to edges. Use the tip of the brush to contour the lips for a more defined finish.



Revlon Make Up Brush powder

Revlon’s Powder Brush features luxury bristles for the perfect, even application of setting powder.

How to use: Dip brush into your powder and lightly tap to remove excess. In a sweeping motion, blend powder all over your face.



Revlon Make Up Brush Blending

Revlon’s Blending Brush features luxury bristles, ideal for a flawless finish with liquid or powder products.

How to use: Use with powder or liquid products in a ‘stippling’ motion on the skin for concentrated colour or blend in all over for a beautiful airbrushed finish.



Revlon Make Up Brush Contour

Revlon’s Contour Brush doubles as an applicator for both highlighter and bronzer to create a flawless, contoured look. The brush’s luxury bristles and pointed shape allow the ease and precision of blending your favourite products.

How to use: Use the chiselled side of the brush to contour and the pointed tip to apply and blend powder blush, highlighter or face powder.



Revlon Make Up Brush Foundation

Revlon’s Foundation Brush features luxury bristles ideal for a flawless finish with liquid or cream foundations.

How to use: Use with liquid or cream foundation in a sweeping motion on the skin for concentrated coverage or blend for a lighter finish.



Revlon Make Up Brush Blush

Revlon’s Blush Brush features a rounded design perfect for following the contour of the cheek for a naturally flushed look. Crafted for precise colour application.

How to use: Swirl your Blush Brush over colour and lightly tap off excess. Apply first to the apple of your cheeks, then sweep brush over cheekbones blending outward and downward.


Smokey Eye

Revlon Make Up Brush Smokey Eye

Revlon’s Smokey Eye Brush is double ended for precision as well as blending.

How to use: Use the slanted side for precise application of gel liner close to the lash line and the rounded end for blending shadow on the lid.


Lash & Brow

Revlon Make Up Brush Lash Brow

Revlon’s Lash & Brow Brush has an angled brush to fill and contour eye brows and sturdy comb to groom and separate lashes and eyebrows.

How to use: Use the comb to remove excess mascara clumps for a beautiful look. After filling in brows with a pencil, use the spoolie or the brush to blend for the most natural look.



The collection is currently exclusive to Superdrug and available to buy online. Shop the brushes below:

Revlon Shop Make Up Brush
1. Lip | 2. Powder | 3. Blending
Revlon Shop Make Up Brushes
1. Contour | 2. Foundation | 3. Blush
Revlon Shop Make Up Brush Lash Brow Eye
1. Smokey Eye | 2. Lash & Brow


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