Kikki.K Happy Healthy Habits Box Review

Habits Happy Healthy Kikki.K Box

I have fallen a little bit in love with Kikki.K and their cute stationary. They have so many inspirational notebooks that help keep you motivated in all areas of your life, whether that’s with your job, health, goals, relationships or creativity.

Armed with my member’s discount, I eagerly browsed their website for my first purchase but I just couldn’t make my mind up. Everything is so pretty! And it doesn’t take much to convince me when you’re pastel coloured and lettered in rose gold.

Then, I found a little gem: the Happy Healthy Habits Box. It seemed perfect as it included a little taster from a variety of different journals that they do. I was sold.


H A P P Y  H E A L T H Y  H A B I T S  B O X

Habits Journal Notebooks Mindfulness Happy Healthy Kikki.K Box Review

This box is a little starter kit centred around making good habits. It comes with seven mini journals, quote cards, stickers and a weekly habits tracker pad. I love the gorgeous colour scheme and sleek box with a hinge opening. Each journal contains exercises to help keep you on track along with motivational quotes inside.


Weekly Good Habits Pad

Habits Happy Healthy Kikki.K Box Weekly Tracker Pad

This little post-it note pad is for listing the habits you’re making/breaking and tracking them via a weekly timetable. Great for sticking on your wall or by your desk as a healthy reminder of how you’re doing.


Habit Activities

Habits Happy Healthy Kikki.K Box Habit Activities

This booklet helps you keep track of your habits in more depth. Note down the moments you feel tempted and how you dealt with it. Record what you did well and what was challenging.


Mindfulness & Habits Journals

Habits Happy Healthy Kikki.K Box Mindfulness Habits Journals

Focus your attention with the mindfulness journal. This booklet helps you better yourself in all areas of your life by recording your emotions using helpful exercises inside.

Note down things you’d like to change in different areas of your life from career and finances to health and relationships using the habits journal.


Gratitude & Happiness Journals

Habits Happy Healthy Kikki.K Box Gratitude Happiness Journals

Improve your emotional wellbeing by noting down things that you’re grateful and happy for in the gratitude and happiness journals.


Dreams & Goals Journals

Habits Happy Healthy Kikki.K Box Dreams Goals Journals

The dream and goal journals help you focus on your aspirations and help you create step-by-step plans on how to get there.


Stickers & Quote Cards

Habits Happy Healthy Kikki.K Box Stickers Quote Cards

Keep yourself motivated with inspirational quote cards and stickers to decorate your work space, home or diary.


So there we have it! If you like what you see, the Healthy Habits Box is available online here. I will be using mine to help me complete a 30 day healthy eating challenge. I’ll be breaking bad snack habits and making good fitness ones. So make sure you come back for another review in a month’s time!


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