May Favourites

May Favourites

I’ve had a very productive month working on my writing, juggling freelance with interning. I’m very excited to have expanded into men’s lifestyle by joining The Idle Man as a contributor, as well as starting a new internship with London lifestyle magazine,  Absolutely. It’s pretty hectic at the moment but I know it’ll be worth it! These are the things that got me through the month:

1. Eat Tokyo

May Favourites Eat Tokyo Sushi Japanese Food Bento

If you’re feeling like you could eat a boat-full of sushi, head to Eat Tokyo, where if you order enough, sushi is served in a mini boat. I visited the Soho restaurant with some friends this month where I was slightly overwhelmed by the two-book long menu. But at least you’re bound to find something you like. There’s a whole range of items and every type of roll that you can think of. I decided on a mixed bento box, made up of four sections: sushi, mixed tempura, salad and mixed seafood. It was SO filling which is why I think you need to be super hungry. The box also includes a bowl of miso soup to start and costs £16 which I thought was well priced for the amount you get. The food itself was really tasty and the restaurant had an authentic atmosphere. The only down side is that you often have to queue outside as it’s quite popular and a little on the small side.


2. No Such Thing As The News

May Favourites No Such Thing As The News

Back in my January Favourites I mentioned a podcast I love called No Such Thing As A Fish, where the QI elves bring you interesting facts they’ve heard throughout the week. Well, now they also have a TV show! No Such Thing As The News. At first, I found it very weird to see their real faces as they were nothing like I imagined, but I got over that shock by the end of the show. I enjoyed watching the programme as they were able to bring more elements into it by showing video clips and pictures. Great for fans of the podcast but also for those who don’t have the opportunity to listen to it on their phones.


3. Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolour

May Favourites Revlon Ultra Matte Lipcolour Make Up

I bought Revlon’s new matte lipcolour after seeing it at their latest press day. Part of their new collection of products, the gel formula works wonderfully. I was very impressed with the easy lipgloss-like application and the fact that it then dries into a matte colour with perfect coverage. I always have problems with most lipcolours and lipsticks as they come off easily but I’ve found that this product stays on for hours. I’m also in love with the colour range! They really suit a medium to dark skin tone. I bought the dusky pink shade named ‘Seduction’ and I’ve got my eye on ‘Addiction’ next, a gorgeous plum colour. See the full range here.


4. Blood Beneath The Skin by Andrew Wilson

May Favourites Alexander McQueen Blood Beneath The Skin

Blood Beneath The Skin is an eye-opening biography of fashion designer, Alexander McQueen. I thought I knew quite a lot about the late designer as he was always in the news and I know a lot about fashion, but this biography delved deeper into his early life and career behind the scenes. Wilson wrote the book with help from McQueen’s friends and family as well as college acquaintances, flat mates and ex-boyfriends so you really feel like you’re getting to know the person behind the persona. It’s very well written, and offers so much insight into McQueen’s personal life, shedding light on the reasons behind his downfalls and crazy partying. At times, it shocked (it is McQueen after all) and at other times it really inspired me.

I also enjoyed learning about the designer’s journey into fashion design, coming from a working class family and breaking into Saville Row from where he stumbled across design school, Central St Martins. It’s so different to the process now. A must read for McQueen fans, design students and fashion enthusiasts. I bought the hardback cover as it includes personal photographs that help illustrate the story.


5. The Intelligent Conversationalist by Imogen Lloyd Webber

May Favourites Book The Intelligent Conversationalist

I came across this book online and immediately wanted to buy it. The Intelligent Conversationalist is made up of cheat sheets to help you with a whole range of conversation topics – great for someone like me whose general knowledge needs a bit of a polish. Designed to help you out in those tricky situations when you’re at an event or party and find yourself unable to contribute to a conversation. Webber has created a solution with her book, taking you through facts that come up in most conversations, ranging from history, politics and economics to religion, culture and language. The book is set to release on 7th June but you can pre-order a copy online here.


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