My Top 10 Mood Lifters

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I am in the middle of a work whirlwind at the moment. I’m interning, blogging, freelancing AND it’s men’s Fashion Week this weekend! Although it’s great that I have lots of exciting things to be working on, if I’m not careful I’m going to end up overworked and stressed out.

I keep having to remind myself to take a chill pill every now and again to recharge. So, I thought it was fitting to post about my top 10 mood lifters for times when I need a little dose of happiness.

1. Hug it out

My first port of call will always be my friends and family. Great for that much needed hug and obliged to listen to you vent.

2. Sweat it out

Exercise! Might be the last thing you feel like doing when you’re down but the endorphins released will give you that much needed boost. If I’m not in the mood, a long walk always clears my mind and lifts my mood.

3. Brew

What could be more comforting than a nice big cuppa when the world’s worries lay heavy on your shoulders? In fact, it’s the first thing I did when my house got burgled at university. I went off to make myself a very strong cup of tea before I agreed to sit down with the policemen waiting in my living room!

4. Act like a kid

Too many responsibilities getting you down? No problem, just forget they exist for a short while. I like to revert back to the music of the 90s or pop on a Disney movie. Just for a moment, I feel like a high-spirited, carefee youngster who doesn’t know what troubles lie ahead. And my problems? I deal with them after when my emotions are better equipped.

5. Treat yourself

Whether it’s a good pamper like finally re-painting my nails and putting on a face mask, or some much loved retail therapy, this is a surefire way to get my spirits up.

6. Cake

I don’t know the hard science behind this fact but baking really makes me happy. Maybe it’s the promise of sugar heading my way.

7. Read

I love reading at the best of times and most definitely at my worst times too. A great way to escape your thoughts.

8. Get productive

What is it about ticking things off of your to-do list that’s so satisfying? Always improves my mood. Whether it’s organising my diary and finances or finally getting around to putting half my wardrobe up on eBay.

9. Get creative

I’m trying to make more time for drawing, it really relaxes me and just like reading, it’s a form of escapism. I also like to write if I really can’t get something off my mind. Once I’ve written it out, it tends to become clearer or disappear from my worries altogether.

10. Eat chocolate

If all else fails, this is bound to do the trick!


And there we go, happy in no time! What are your top mood lifters?


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xo Sunna


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