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Last weekend, I attended my first Bloggers Hangout event, held at The Strand Gallery in London. The event is designed to introduce bloggers to a variety of brands looking to collaborate and showcase their latest products ranging from fashion and beauty to health and food. I was pleasantly surprised by most of them and am so glad I went along to discover these previously hidden gems.


Here is a quick introduction to the best brands and products I came across during the event:

T – T O X

Bloggers Hangout T Tox Matcha Green Tea Blog Lifestyle Health Wellness Fitness

By now you’ve probably heard of the Matcha tea craze and T-Tox certainly have their fingers on the pulse, bringing you a range of products made from this superfood. The director, Johnny, is on a mission to revolutionise the nation’s favourite drink into a healthy brew. With a background in personal training and sports therapy, he definitely knows a thing or two about health and fitness. By bringing these elements into the world of tea, T-Tox hope to make wellness something we can easily fit into our daily routines.

Along with original Matcha tea made from powdered green tea and Moringa, T-Tox provide two more variations catered to your exercise regime. The ginger and ginseng Matcha is developed to energise, great to drink before a workout. And the peppermint and milk thistle tea is designed to help you recover.

I tried all three products and loved the flavours. It does have a distinct taste but if you’re used to drinking green tea like me then you’re probably going to have no problem. If not, Matcha is an acquired taste that you can build over time and it’s worth doing for the great health benefits.

All three drinks are simple to make and ready within seconds. Johnny was serving small shots of the tea made by mixing the powder with some cold water. I was a bit apprehensive about this since I’m used to my tea being hot but I was surprised by how great it tasted – very refreshing, which was perfect on that particularly hot day! The recovery tea can also be made by blending with coconut water instead which made it even tastier. I am definitely going to be buying more of this product!



Bloggers Hangout DinkiBelle Nail Wrap Blog Lifestyle Health Wellness Fitness

DinkiBelle was started after the founder suffered severe nail damage and found herself allergic to most nail varnishes. In an effort to find a solution to her problem, she decided to design her own damage-free nail wraps. The wraps are completely non-toxic and 5 free, meaning they are free of the five main harsh chemicals found in most nail varnishes.

The nail wraps give you a professional manicure within minutes and last up to two weeks. There is no limit to the designs that can be created and the best part is that you don’t have to wait impatiently for your nails to dry! I am rarely ever seen without painted nails and I hate having chipped varnish but I struggle to find the time to maintain them regularly. I’ll be trying out my sunset ombre nail wraps soon – these could be the solution to my problem.



Bloggers Hangout Regenerate Toothpaste Blog Lifestyle Health Wellness Fitness

Regenerate is the first toothpaste to be able to reverse the enamel erosion process. Having been developed for over ten years, Regenerate helps strengthen enamel and results in healthier teeth and a whiter smile.

Simply replace your usual toothpaste with Regenerate and use regularly to see results. I can’t wait to try this out along with their Boosting Serum. Using both products together is claimed to regenerate 82% of your enamel mineral in just three days!

I’ll let you know how I got on with this product after using it for a few weeks. If you’d like to try it out for yourself, it is available to buy at both Selfridges and Boots.


F A U S T ‘ S  P O T I O N S

Bloggers Hangout Fausts Potions Blog Lifestyle Health Wellness Fitness

If, like the majority of the population, you struggle with hangovers and getting to sleep, try Faust’s Potions. They have produced two potions designed to help you with these two popular problems. To be honest, as soon as the lady at the stand said “hangover cure” I was interested.

The Awake potion is a revitalising concoction to help you feel more alert and rehydrated – hence why it’s a godsend for hangovers. The Asleep potion also helps eliminate alcohol from the blood stream as well as regulating mood and encouraging relaxation.

In the form of a small shot, the potions can be taken straight from the bottle which is handy if you’re on the go. They come in orange and red berry flavour and have a mildly strong taste as a shot. However, if you don’t think you can stomach it, just mix it into a glass of juice or water to dilute. A great handbag essential after a mid-week drink. I’m very happy to hear that a quick hangover fix exists, so I won’t be seen without my Faust’s Potion from now on. 


P I N K  P A R C E L

Bloggers Hangout Pink Parcel Nail Varnish Face Mask Lipstick beauty Blog Lifestyle Health Wellness Fitness

Pink Parcel is a fairly new company who are a girl’s best friend at that time of the month. Delivering a range of pampering and soothing products to your door monthly for just £10.99, this subscription is bound to take off.


S A S S  &  B E L L E

Bloggers Hangout Sass Belle Gifts Quirky Kitsch Homeware Blog Lifestyle Health Wellness Fitness

Sass & Belle are a brand I previously discovered in my March Favourites. I absolutely love their cute and quirky home accessories and gifts. Their latest collection features one of this season’s most prominent interiors trends, the cactus. Created within prints and fabric accessories, this fun design brings colour and creativity into any home. I really want one of their fabric cacti for my room!


T H E  P E R F U M E  S H O P

Bloggers Hangout Summer Event 2016 The Perfume Shop Dolce Gabbana

To top off my experience, I won the The Perfume Shop‘s blogger competition, meaning my chosen scent, Dolce & Gabbana’s Rosa, is on its way to me now!



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