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Another fun-filled month! June was mostly spent interning at Absolutely Magazines where I learnt a lot about working with PR companies and events. This has seen me translate my new skills to my blog so I have a lot of exciting brand collaborations coming up – make sure you come back for those reviews here soon!

On a similar note, I attended my first ever Bloggers Hangout event, where I discovered a range of brands I’ve not come across before. The products ranged from fashion and beauty to health and food and the brands are really worth knowing. Some amazing finds that I’ll be buying from now on. Some favourites include T-Tox, Faust’s Potions and Pink Parcel. Find out more here.

June also brought the next instalment of London Collections: Men which meant teaming up with WJ London for another great season. Catch up on my reviews if you haven’t done so yet, it was a good season! This time around was made even better as I got my April Blogger of the Month, Laura Rutkowski, involved.

Phew! That was a lot to catch up on. Now for my favourites:


1. La Perla, Bath

Bath La Perla June Favourites Spanish Tapas Restauratnt Review Seafood

At the end of the month, my family and I travelled to Bath for my brother’s graduation. It was my first time there and I loved the city. It’s so picturesque and there’s a lot of culture that I didn’t know it had. Bath is a great city for tourists with its endless array of cafés, gelato stores and arty shops along with museums and parks. I managed to experience a lot in just one day by walking around the city.

But my highlight (apart from being immensely proud of my brother’s achievement) was the food! Of course. For dinner, we went to Bath’s best Spanish tapas restaurant, La Perla. Located underground in a cosy but swanky interior, the restaurant surprised me, as from the outside you may not have even noticed that it exists. This gives the place a sense of exclusivity as it’s less likely that a random group will stumble in.

The tapas is very authentic and the dishes were well-presented which always adds to the experience. I was impressed by the range offered on the menu from garlic prawns and patatas bravas to calamari, jamón de pato and crab meat. As you may now be thinking, you do need to be a fan of seafood to fully appreciate the menu but there are options for chicken, lamb and chorizo for anyone who’s not a fan. My favourite dish on the menu has to be the pan friend goat’s cheese served with tomato marmalade… If you’re lucky enough to live local to Bath, this restaurant is a must!


2. DIY Floral Stag

Stag Deer Head DIY Home Decor Floral Flowers Art Paint Interiors 2

I have this small obsession with deer, so when I spied this white stag ornament at ASDA I bought it on impulse. It started off completely white but I thought I’d add some colour to the flowers using acrylic paint. It’s a lovely fancy addition to my room.


3. How To Be Single

This has to be one of my favourite films of all time. On par with the hilarious Bridesmaids, How To Be Single is a great exploration into the world of dating and love in the modern day. What I loved about it was the fact that it wasn’t predictable at all. My friend and I were guessing who was going to end up with who, and we would have been right if this was a typical film. Instead we were pleasantly surprised by the outcome. It’s honesty makes it very relatable and you’re sure to find some of your own personality traits within the four main characters. Filled with so many great one liners, this film had me laughing throughout. I can’t wait to watch it again!


4. The Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club Chicken Waffles Food Restaurant London

Some more food! This month I crossed two things off of my to-do list: I finally went to The Breakfast Club and I finally tried chicken and waffles. I thought it would be an odd combination but it works surprisingly well! I’m also a big fan of green drinks and their Green Is Good smoothie is definitely worth a try. I need to plan another trip here for actual breakfast. Who wants to be my date?


5. Podcast: Stuff Mom Never Told You

Stuff Mom Never Told You Podcast Audio June Favourites

Another month, another podcast to obsess over. This time, I’ve been hooked on Stuff Mom Never Told You, brought  to you by the folks at How Stuff Works. In a series of short episodes around 15 minutes long, the two hosts talk you through a wide range of interesting topics, answering questions you’ve probably pondered over in the past. A few examples of what you can expect: Do men and women have different brains?, How Office Politics Works, Where do food cravings come from?, Why are women’s clothing sizes so hard to figure out? and Do sisters make you happier? Go have a listen!


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xo Sunna


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