Zara Taylor Jewellery Boutique

Zara Taylor Jewellery Vintage Boutique

Last month, I was invited to Zara Taylor‘s private boutique party in East Dulwich. I went along with my friend, Laura, to visit the store and view Zara’s latest jewellery designs.

As we walked in to the Zara Taylor boutique it was like entering a glistening cove of treasures. Vintage inspired jewellery covered the tops of antique drawers, tables and boxes, and hung delicately inside empty frames. Gems and stones of every colour enticed me in – there was so much to see, I didn’t know where to look first!

Zara Taylor Jewellery Frame Necklaces Vintage

Zara Taylor Jewellery Rings Pastel Gem Stones Colour Vintage

Zara’s enthusiasm for designing and making jewellery is clear from looking around the room and viewing each unique piece. Though there is an underlying vintage theme, her inspirations are varied. There’s a collection for quirky, a collection for gothic, a collection for pretty… the list goes on. She attributes this down to her multi-cultural background, being half Irish and half Thai.

Sourcing pendants from a vintage warehouse in America, Zara creates all her jewellery in-store at her workshop behind the counter. This brings an even more bespoke element to her work as she’s able to make quick amendments for customers such as altering a chain or resizing a ring.

Zara Taylor Jewellery Vintage Boutique Floral

Zara Taylor Jewellery Vintage Gold Handmade Necklaces

I genuinely fell in love with almost everything I saw and I must have gone around the room several times as I found something new hidden amongst the treasure every time. I couldn’t help myself from picking up more and more pieces to buy and by the end I had accumulated quite the collection…

As I went up to the counter I suddenly noticed the fancy vintage till which still works. Zara’s thought about every aspect of her store, the interior design as meticulously crafted as her jewellery.

“A dreamer at heart,” her boutique transports you into a whimsical world where you constantly discover new beauty. It’s no wonder Zara Taylor was recently named one of the top 50 London boutiques to visit by The Evening Standard.

Zara Taylor Jewellery Ring Bracelet Pink Dress

Zara Taylor Gem Stone Peach Bangle Bracelet Jewellery

She also has a growing fan club of celebrity clients which includes the likes of Taylor Swift, Fearne Cotton, Jessie J and Kelly Rowland.

Zara Taylor is a fast-growing emerging talent and definitely a brand to have on your radar. Her boutique is a must-visit though she also has an online store. Just take a look for yourself, you’re bound to find a piece perfect for you.

Zara Taylor Rings Hand Gem Stone Wrap Twist Jewellery


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