Bromley’s Taste Of Italy: Project Pie & Unico

Project Pie Bromley Artisan Bespoke Pizza Launch Craft Station

A few weeks ago, I was invited along to the launch of award winning pizza concept, Project Pie in Bromley. This artisan restaurant provides a bespoke experience where the customer can build their own pizza from scratch. Located in the Intu shopping centre, the restaurant has prime position by both the shops and Queen’s gardens.

The 11 inch base is rolled out into a thin crust and covered in your choice of signature red sauce or olive oil. Next, choose from a selection of over 30 toppings to create your personalised pizza. And with no limit on the amount, you can go as creatively crazy as you wish!

Project Pie Bromley Artisan Bespoke Pizza Launch Stages

All ingredients are of the highest quality and prepared fresh in-house every day. Together with their artisan dough, Project Pie provide healthier, guilt-free pizza for a set price of just £9.75.

Stage 1: The all important decision: cheese. Choose from classic mozzarella, parmesan, gorgonzola or feta. I went for a mix of mozzarella and gorgonzola.

Stage 2: Meat. Several options including traditional toppings such as pepperoni, ham and roast chicken. I chose meatballs and spicy chicken.

Stage 3: Add a bit of colour to your pizza with a wide selection of veggies. Double red onion, black olives, red peppers, garlic, sweetcorn and jalapeños went onto mine.

Stage 4: Salad. A bit of the green stuff to finish off. My pizza was garnished with rocket.

Stage 5: Your pizza is then cooked in under three minutes in their blazing hot wood stone oven.

Project Pie Bromley Artisan Bespoke Pizza Launch Ginger Beer Food

I enjoyed my bespoke pizza with an all American vintage drink from Boylan‘s unlimited soda pop fountain, offering unexpected flavours including Creme Soda, Cane Cola, Black Cherry and Ginger Ale. Or you can opt for the usual soft drinks or a craft beer from award-winning Brewdog.

The pizza was so delicious! I could really taste the freshness and quality of the ingredients. Going by the thin crust, I was amazed at how full I felt before I even got halfway through my pizza. I decided to take the rest away in a box before I reached food coma level.

Project Pie Bromley Artisan Bespoke Pizza Launch Interior

If you happen to be hungry afterwards or just want to pop in to satisfy your sweet-tooth, try their dessert pizza range, serving s’mores, apple pie, banoffee pie, strawberry & Nutella or banana & Nutella variations.

I absolutely loved my personalised pizza experience and can’t wait to go back there again with my friends. With plans to open around 60 more restaurants in the UK, Project Pie is a must-try!

Project Pie Bromley Artisan Bespoke Pizza Launch Staff
With the wonderful team behind Project Pie Bromley.


Just around the corner from Project Pie, lies another Italian delight: gelato! With fans in high places, including ex-Chelsea footballer, Gianfranco Zola, Unico is a charming gelato café originating from Bologna, a city renowned for its authentic Italian cuisine.

The atmosphere inside the café is lively with waiter’s speaking to each other in rapid Italian, almost transporting you out of Bromley and into dreamy Italy.

Unlike ice cream, gelato is made with a higher proportion of milk and lower proportion of cream, resulting in a healthier dessert with less fat – perfect!

Unico’s gelato is made fresh in-house every day using in-season produce only and is without preservatives or additives. Chefs personally select the ripest fruit from local producers to ensure the right level of sweetness is achieved without having to add large amounts of sugar.

Unico Bromley Italian Gelato Ice Cream Traditional Dessert

There is also a dairy and gluten free range making it perfect for vegans too. I sampled a mixed cup of peach and strawberry gelato which was refreshing on a very sunny day. The silky texture of the gelato was full of flavour but left me feeling lighter than when I eat ice cream.

As well as gelato, the café offers coffee, cake and Squisini – an Italian take on sandwiches, imported straight from Italy. These bubbles (as they’re traditionally known) are 100% organic and handmade, filled with the finest natural ingredients.

Unico Bromley Italian Squishini Bubble Sandwich

And if you’re lucky enough to live locally, you can order Squisini bubbles, tubs of gelato or personalised gelato cakes straight to your door using their free home delivery service. With this sudden heatwave, now’s the perfect time to try some traditional gelato.


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  1. Project Pie looks so good! When are we going?

    I love Unico; they have such a nice chocolate gelato. If you get the chance, try the hot chocolate with the scoop of gelato added. Amazing.

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