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DIWAH Jewellery Box Necklace Design Wrapped Up Bow Ribbon

DIWAH is an ingenious fashion jewellery brand that lets you take control of the design process. Using a range of semi-precious stones, gems and beads, you can create a bespoke piece to suit you within minutes!

I tried the service out for myself and was extremely pleased with the results. The website is super easy to follow, simply choose from a range of templates and edit a pre-existing design or start from scratch if you’re feeling creative. I decided to go with a blank canvas to really test out the ease with which someone with no background in jewellery could create their own piece.

After a bit of experimentation with the different ranges available I settled for a classic black and gold theme but added a hint of colour with the addition of a few ruby red beads. Though there’s a vast variety of materials available, they make it really easy for you to pick pieces that go well together by grouping them together in collections.

DIWAH Jewellery Necklace Design Craft Website

As you add to your design, you can keep track of the price in the sidebar and easily rearrange and edit. The programme keeps track of the beads you have selected in the sidebar as well so that you can find them quickly to add to your piece.

Once you’re happy, simply add to your bag and it’s sent off for manufacture! The lovely team at DIWAH take the time to photograph the production of your unique jewellery as they go along which is a lovely touch to the service.

DIWAH Jewellery Necklace Design Manufacture Craft Production

Each piece is handmade by one of the team’s artisans and they are committed to British based production – always nice to see local support. On top of this, all materials are ethically sourced so you know a lot of care goes into the whole creation process.

I was so pleased when I saw my design in real life. It looked exactly like my online creation and I can’t wait to wear it as a statement piece!

If you’d like to have a go for yourself, I really do recommend this service. It was so much fun and something I’ve never seen before at such a reasonable price. Try it out and remember to share your designs, I’d love to see what you come up with!


DIWAH Jewellery Necklace Design Stone Gem Statement Piece Fashion Style 2

DIWAH Jewellery Necklace Design Stone Gem Statement Piece Fashion Style 3

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