Blogger of the Month: Far Away Lisa Mae

For me, starting a new blog was daunting. I didn’t know the first thing about it and I’m still learning new things all the time. I’ve always wished that I had a blogging ‘big sister’ that could help me out with all my questions, which is how the idea for this feature came about.

Each month I’ll be chatting to an upcoming blogger about their personal journey and it’ll be an opportunity to share their tips and advice. So whether you’re new to this or simply looking to find other great bloggers out there, I hope you find these posts helpful as well as inspiring.

This month: Far Away Lisa Mae


Lisa Mae


Last week I came across Far Away Lisa Mae whilst browsing Twitter. What initially drew me to her blog was the shared love of all things Disney – something Lisa Mae is clearly passionate about. But a quick scroll through her blog found me captivated by her posts. She has a way with words and her writing feels like a conversation between friends.

I absolutely love stumbling across blogs such as hers, where the writer has a personality and a talent for sharing a story. Too often do I see blogs where the main focus is imagery with just a couple of sentences. Though there’s nothing necessarily wrong with that, I feel like the blogger-with-a-voice is disappearing as we become more and more obsessed with content such as imagery that take up as little of our time as possible.

So here, I celebrate another little gem of a writer who has plenty to say.



How did Far Away Lisa Mae come about?

After I started my first proper full-time job in PR and marketing, I felt a bit restricted to writing about the company all the time. I started up a new blog to be able to write about what I wanted, in my favourite style, whenever I wanted.


Is blogging your profession or a hobby?

It’s definitely a hobby, though I have to remind myself of that sometimes. It’s so easy to get caught up in a posting schedule and feel uneasy when I can’t promote my posts as much as I’d like, but I have to remember that it’s all meant to be fun and I shouldn’t worry too much.


What can new readers expect to find on your blog?

A bit about my life in London, some stories from my travels, and a little sprinkling of Disney magic.


You’re a fellow Disney fan. If you could invite three Disney characters to dinner who would they be?

Ooh, that’s a tough one!

I absolutely adore Mary Poppins – she takes no nonsense and I’m sure I could learn a lot from her. Joy from Inside Out would be very welcome to brighten up the room. And I’d probably ask Winnie the Pooh as well just because he would give the best hugs!


How would you describe your blogging style?

It’s very casual and real. I write blogs after I’ve come home from working forty hours a week, so it’s all in my very natural voice. I try not to sugar coat my life too much and mention the bad times as well as the good, especially on Twitter.


What do you find most rewarding about blogging?

I love to know that my blogs have helped people, like when I’ve given someone travel inspiration for their upcoming trip, or when someone says that my post has brightened their day.


What do you find the most challenging?

Sometimes I find that my thoughts are coming out all in a big mush rather than into an easy-to-read blog post. I have to realise when this is happening, step away from the keyboard for a little while, and come back when my thoughts are a bit more organised!

View of the city of Monaco by night. French Riviera

Do you have any design and layout tips for new bloggers?

When I started my blog I knew that I wanted it to look professional from the start so I bought a layout from Pipdig and I haven’t regretted it once. I think it’s a good idea to keep things simple on the layout though I always want to fit in all my ideas at once.


Who takes the majority of your photos?

I take all of my photos. Differently to a lot of bloggers, I take the vast majority of my photos when I’m out and about, whether that’s on the weekend when I’m exploring a new part of London or in another country on holiday. It means I have to try and get the right shot while I’m on the move, which isn’t always easy but I really enjoy quickly experimenting with angles to find my favourite shot.


What do you think is the best strategy to get more traffic to your blog?

Don’t be afraid to shout about your successes. Tell your family, your friends, and keep promoting it on social media. While I’m fairly modest and quiet in daily life, you have to be proud to share your content to get people to read it online.


Please share with us your top three book-marked blogs.

I adore Career Girl Daily as I’m ruthlessly ambitious. I follow lots of Disney blogs as well. If you like to talk Disney, don’t be afraid to join us for the #disneybloggerschat every Thursday at 8pm.


Best piece of advice you’ve been given?

To be honest, I don’t believe that you can absorb advice through hearing it; I think you have to learn it for yourself. The most important thing that I’ve learned is to do what you love, without worrying about what other people think.


Biggest lesson you have learnt yourself through blogging?

Consistency is key, both with posting and promoting. Never underestimate the power of blogging friends to raise you up, help you along the way, and make the whole experience a lot more enjoyable.


Any inspiring words for aspiring bloggers out there?

Only do it if you love it. Find out what you love to write about, carve out your niche and stick to it. Have fun!




I hope you enjoyed reading this post, please share your thoughts! I’m always on the lookout for more great bloggers and I’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments below…


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xo Sunna


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