London Fashion Week SS17 Round Up

Every Fashion Week I team up with WJ London to cover some of the amazing shows going on around the city. It is here that I often discover new brands I’ve never come across before which is what I love most about the job.

For SS17, I was unfortunately unable to attend the main days over the weekend but I managed to fit in a few shows for Monday and Tuesday. Out of the three I attended, it was the two I had never heard of before that I enjoyed most: RUN Label and Point Blank.

Here is a round up of my reports:



1. P O I N T  B L A N K  S S 1 7

A swathe of reflective silver fabric hangs over the white runway and a tray table of tropical cocktails sits patiently to the side. Welcome to Point Blank SS17 – ‘Dive In.’

If the name wasn’t a big enough clue, the diving, palm tree and paradise motifs opening the show certainly give it away. Watery blue tie-dye prints mimic the ripples in the fabric above and models walk down in colours suitable for the hottest of climates.

Turquoise metallic palm leaves on pillar box red backgrounds glint in the light – almost blinding. If I could have torn my eyes away from the spectacle in front of me, I would have grabbed my sunglasses out of my bag.


There’s a strong poolside, holiday vibe going on with swimwear peeking out from sweatshirts and bermuda shorts. The models move at a leisurely pace, as if wading through water with wet-look hair coiling around their eyes. Slow, soothing music sets the pace and together with the models’ nonchalant expressions and futuristic design, transports you to another world where these eclectic ethereal creatures reside.

A sugary pink dress slashed with white lace comes out and the brand’s eye for interesting cuts makes an appearance. With backgrounds in both fashion and architecture, this design duo are experts when it comes to silhouette and form. Their aesthetic plays with clashing textures and materials and often blends luxury elements with that of street wear.


To close the show there are two shimmering silver outfits juxtaposed with sporty, striped inserts. Something that doesn’t sound like it should work but oddly does. This is what Point Blank are all about. Challenging the norm and creating something you’ve never seen before with artistic brilliance. No wonder this design duo were picked up by Fashion Scout.


I predict Point Blank to sit firmly on the fashion radar after such a brilliantly blinding show.



2. R U N  L A B E L  S S 1 7

A lithe group of models were the embodiment of youth at Freemason’s Hall for RUN Label‘s SS17 catwalk presentation. Dressed in playful houndstooth and bold stripes they made a pretty picture in canary yellow and powder blue with touches of khaki adding a bit of edge.

This medley of graphic prints teamed with flowing silk, midi-dresses and heeled sandals had a very contemporary feel. The collection exuded girly femininity but the addition of sporty bomber jackets and messy top-knots created an interesting modern aesthetic.

The collection –  fittingly named ‘Lineal’ – is the creation of Varun Sharma, the designer behind RUN Label. Sharma prides himself on his craftsmanship and print work, created in-house. These two qualities see him design the most beautifully refined garments that are both chic and modern.

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3. E M I L I O  D E  L A  M O R E N A  S S 1 7

Iconic London showspace, Brewer Street Car Park, was the venue of choice for Emilio De La Morena‘s SS17 catwalk show. For a brand with fans as famous as Kate Moss and the super stylish Olivia Palermo, the expectations were set very high.

From the outset, a vivid sunset beach theme was present in the colour palette. Rich yellow, hot pink, and electric blue dominated the catwalk – Morena is not a label for the timid. These vibrant hues were balanced with accents in soft pastel trim and footwear.

If the bold colour was not enough, fabrics called out for attention in shiny silk satin and ruffled organza. A play between volume and fit was experimented with throughout. Puffy sleeves, peplums and frills were worn with cinched waists, tapered trousers and form-fitting dresses.

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