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Ahh.. it’s good to be back on my blog after a belated summer holiday to Italy’s Amalfi Coast. The sun, sand and sea have left me feeling refreshed and I’m ready to write many many new words. I will be creating a post on my Italian adventure in a couple of weeks, so get ready for some serious holiday inspiration/envy.

So, most of my September was spent excited to be going away, which was lucky because if I didn’t have that, I would have had to think about something a bit more bittersweet – my little sister going away to university. Though I’m immensely proud of this brainbox for getting into Oxford, I also didn’t want to say goodbye. She is less of a little sister and more of a conjoined twin as we are inseparable when we’re together. It’s not the same without her at home and I will miss her every minute until she comes back for Christmas, like the clingy big sister that I am.

If I cling long enough, she might not leave…


But let’s not dwell on that. Here are a few things that cheered me up this month:


1. E T H O S


I don’t often come across food that doesn’t make me happy but some makes me happier than others. The food at vegetarian restaurant, Ethos, did just that. And I’m not usually one for the veggie option but I would definitely go to Ethos again (and again).

Ethos works slightly differently to the average restaurant in that you plate up buffet-style before taking your mountain of food to be weighed at the counter. The price is then calculated but you don’t pay until you’re done with your meal. I’m not sure if this is a good or bad thing as it encourages taking several trips for seconds, thirds and however much you can stomach. It’s a sneaky move on their part but forgiving them is easy with such delicious dishes to choose from.

The buffet-style self-service meant that I could sample a whole range from their menu. There were dauphinoise potatoes, mushroom strudel, vege curry, halloumi bites, baked risotto… am I tempting you yet?

Visit Ethos at Eastcastle Street, just a few steps away from Oxford Circus.


2. S O R R E N T O  I N T A R S I A


Sorrento intarsia is the art of traditional wood inlay from this area in Italy. Whilst I was on holiday, I saw many examples of this beautiful craft and one artist demonstrated the process to me. After he showed me how the pieces are made, I could really appreciate just how intricate the work is. Fine layers of coloured wood are cut, shaped and pieced together to create an image before going through several hours of processing to become inlaid onto a block of wood.


I bought a small wall hanging for my cat-obsessed sister and wanted to keep it for myself before I stumbled across the best-piece-ever: Disney’s Bambi. I am so in love with this one-off piece, beautifully combining my love of deer and Disney together.



3. N I N A ‘ S  P O P C O R N


Nina’s is a brand new superfood brand with an interesting selection of healthy popcorn flavours. The corn is hand-popped in coconut oil using artisan kettles before being sprinkled with nutrient rich and plant-based ingredients. The products are gluten, wheat, dairy and refined-sugar free and have been voted one of the top 40 food start-up brands at the Speciality & Fine Food Fair 2016.

Currently available in four flavours – two sweet and two savoury – they provide a satisfactory flavourful alternative to crisps. I also love the gorgeous floral packaging!

Cacao, goji berries & pistachios: I loved this flavour and it was very moreish. A sophisticated sweet taste.

Sweet coconut, himalayan pink salt & maca: I am a big fan of mixed sweet and salted popcorn so this was my favourite product. The subtle sweetness of the coconut goes really well with the pink salt. It is genius how they have created something with so much flavour that feels light to eat as well.

Spicy sriracha & spirulina: This one is great for spice lovers. It delivers a kick without being overbearing and doesn’t leave a sting in your mouth.

Lemony kale & black pepper: The pepper definitely comes through on this one but it’s balanced well with a hint of lemon. It really does taste “healthy” which is no surprise as it comes in at the lowest calories out of the lot. If you’re into your health foods, you’ll love this one.

Try Nina’s for yourself.


4. T H R O U G H  T H E  L A N G U A G E  G L A S S  B Y  G U Y  D E U T S C H E R


I’ve only just started reading this book but it is so interesting that I had to put it into my favourites already. Through The Language Glass explores whether a person’s language can affect their culture and the way they view the world. Does language reflect the culture of a society? Can different languages lead their speakers to different thoughts? According to the author, in many cases, yes.


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xo Sunna


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