Cosy Christmas With Cyberjammies


Sleep is a very important part of my life. In fact, my friends often joke that I could easily go into hibernation. Being a freelancer, I am prone to falling into the trap of having a lie-in every morning and getting nothing done until the afternoon. And my comfy bed isn’t doing me any favours, as it softly lures me in for “just five more minutes.”

Saying that, to make sure I have the most productive day possible, I really do need a comfortable night’s sleep. Up until recently, I thought I was getting a decent kip, but that was before I was introduced to Cyberjammies. The ultimate in affordable, comfortable and stylish nightwear.



Cyberjammies realised that there’s plenty of pretty sleepwear out there but not much that focuses on comfort too. So, they took matters into their own hands and produced a beautiful range in sophisticated prints out of the softest and cosiest of fabrics.

I fell in love with their striped set, Elegance, which is both classic and on-trend. You can’t go wrong with monochrome and simplicity. I also love their floral set, Purple Haze. A pretty print for a girly mood.


This recent discovery has come at the perfect moment – just in time for Christmas! Whether you add Cyberjammies to your own wish list or have someone in mind, there’s a range suitable for the whole family.

And trust me, you’ll appreciate the comfort – especially after Christmas dinner…


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xo Sunna


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