5 Things I Learnt From Undressed: A Brief History Of Underwear

Undressed Exhibition 13/04/2016
Installation view of Undressed: A Brief History of Underwear (c) Victoria and Albert Museum, London

I finally got round to viewing Undressed at the V&A and it was so great that I want you all to go and see it before it’s too late!

These are just some of the new facts I came across to spark your interest:

1. Only a shirt’s front, collar and cuffs could be revealed in public in the 18th century as they were considered part of your underwear.

2. The busk (boning at the front) of a corset was often inscribed with names, dates or symbols of love because of its close positioning to the heart.

3. In the 1890s it was fashionable to have a minuscule waist – around 48cm. Today in the UK, a standard size 12 waist measures 71cm.

4. Latex corsets were introduced in the 1930s but none are known to survive today.

5. During war time in Austria and Germany, corsets were made out of paper twine due to textile shortages.

Bonus: Did you know that ‘lingerie’ comes from the French word ‘linge’ for linen?


Get your tickets here! On until Sunday 12th March.


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