Mac & Wild: Scottish Brunch

Mac & Wild Scottish Brunch Pancakes Bacon Toastie Salmon Avocado Devonshire Square London Food Restaurant

Just seeing the word brunch appear in my inbox was all it took to make me do a happy dance. I didn’t care how many zones I’d have to travel – I would be there. And within five minutes of receiving the invitation (it’s true, I just checked), I had already replied and confirmed my attendance.

So it was with rare excitement, that I jumped out of bed bright and early last Saturday morning to sample a Scottish inspired brunch at Mac & Wild. And to make my morning even brighter, I was delighted to find a couple of door-deer ready to greet us as we arrived. As most of you know, I am a little bit deer obsessed.

Mac & Wild Scottish Brunch Deer Devonshire Square London Food Restaurant

Mac & Wild describes itself as “an off-road adventure celebrating Highland hospitality and the best of Scotland’s produce.” Andy Waugh, the man behind the restaurants, hails from Scotland himself and comes from a family of butchers.

Inspired by his life in the Highlands, he launched the first Mac & Wild just over a year ago which has already been awarded with the title: London’s Best Burger.

Note to self: Must go back imminently to try the lunch menu…

Mac & Wild Scottish Brunch Whiskey Drink Cocktail Devonshire Square London Food Restaurant

Mac & Wild Scottish Brunch Devonshire Square London Food Restaurant

The secret to Andy’s success lies firstly in his great ambition and likeable nature but more importantly in the fact that his restaurants serve quality food from quality sources. In an interview with Mr Porter he explains:

“With the venison we serve, I can tell you the whole story. Where it came from, where it was shot, who shot it, who butchered it. Not only that, but I can probably tell you where the butcher lives, the pub he drinks in, the name of his wife, and where he went to school.”

Mac & Wild’s new brunch menu is made up of so many delicious creations that I found it very difficult to choose. In the end, I had to resort to checking out photos on Instagram to see which dish called out to me the most. That particular Saturday morning was a warm-toastie-with-béchamel-sauce kind of day. Yes, that was as mouthwateringly tasty as it sounds.

Mac & Wild Scottish Brunch Bacon Toastie Devonshire Square London Food Restaurant

Dishes I will be returning for include crushed avocado on toasted sourdough, cured salmon and scrambled eggs, smoked haddock potato pancakes with caramelised onions, banana and pecan pancakes, and of course, The Scottish Breakfast.

I think that makes it… five more visits! Oh – and then there’s the lunchtime burger too. Six visits.

Mac & Wild Scottish Brunch Breakfast Black Pudding Devonshire Square London Food Restaurant

Visit Mac & Wild at Fitzrovia or Devonshire Square


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