4 Ideas On Things To Do In London

It’s time to mix things up. After a whole year of sharing my Monthly Favourites with you, I’m reinventing this post. This time around, I’ll be posting round-ups of different things I’ve liked over several months. This could be anything from my latest beauty finds or favourite new restaurants to films to watch, exhibitions to see or simply, fun ideas of things to do in the city – as it is this week.

Favourites Ideas Things To Do In London 99 Comedy Club Leicester Square Stand Up Comedian Covent Garden

1. 9 9  C O M E D Y  C L U B

A couple of months ago I found out about The 99 Comedy Club in Leicester Square and Covent Garden. For around a tenner, you can go and see live comedy any night of the week! Acts regularly include professional comedians from shows such as 8 out of 10 Cats, Live at the Apollo and Mock the Week.

I just had a browse through this month’s acts… Nish Kumar.. Ellie Taylor… Ivo Graham… if you don’t recognise the names, look them up on YouTube, you’ve probably watched their stand up before. Book tickets in advance or even on the day as long as the show hasn’t sold out. If anyone wants to go with me in the coming weeks, let me know! I would love to go again.


Favourites Ideas Things To Do In London BYOC Bar Cocktails Soho Camden Aldgate East

2. B Y O C

This recommendation actually comes from my brother’s girlfriend. BYOC is a bar with a difference – bring your own spirit, and the bartenders will make you cocktails based on your chosen drink. We’ve not been yet but we’re planning to go check it out soon and I love the idea!

The concept behind the bar comes from the 1920s when there was an alcohol ban in the US, resulting in lots of hidden bars popping up underground. It reminds me of another secret bar I went to last year, so if you’re into that sort of thing, check out my review on Bart’s too.

BYOC have currently got three bars across London in Soho, Camden and Aldgate East. Book for two hours at £25 per person and you get a minimum of five rounds of cocktails. Happy drinking!


Favourites Ideas Things To Do In London Shoreditch Street Art Tours Graffiti

3. S H O R E D I T C H  S T R E E T  A R T  T O U R

Walking around London, you’re bound to spot some graffiti. But instead of just walking past, why not learn the stories behind the art one free afternoon? This tour was really interesting and well worth the money if you’re into London culture and art. Our tour guide, Dave, had a lot of in-depth knowledge and had his own anecdotes about stumbling across some of his favourite artists at work. Hearing his stories and seeing his passion for the art made the tour really engaging and entertaining.

And it makes a nice change to be a tourist in your own city every now and again, especially when there’s so much to see. I also enjoyed being outside – even though it did rain a little – instead of going to see an exhibition at a gallery like I would usually do. We even got to see a Banksy!

Favourites Ideas Things To Do In London Banksy Shoreditch Street Art Tours Graffiti

I have to say, when I was booking the tour, their cheap website didn’t do much to convince me but a quick look at Trip Advisor reassured me that this was the tour to go with. See the raving reviews for yourself and book here.


Favourites Ideas Things To Do In London Piano Bar Jazz Music Live Cocktails Drinks Soho

4. P I  A N O  B A R

The Piano Bar is a swanky bar in Soho where you can enjoy your cocktails with live jazz music. I had just been to see La La Land and was in a bit of a jazz phase so I was really excited to try this out. Because of the exclusivity, you do need to get on the guest list or be a member of the club. However… I came across this place via a helpful little app called Fever which let me buy tickets and get on the guest list straight away.

Quick side note –  if you haven’t heard of this app, it’s awesome. It shows you what’s on around London and recommends gigs, bars, restaurants, shows… the whole lot, based on your interests. I found the 99 Comedy Club through it too. Download it!

Anyway, the bar was really intimate and sophisticated, great for a date night or classy evening with a small group of friends. The live music was really good and because of the small venue, you get to enjoy it up close. The only thing is, with limited seating you may have to wait a little while to actually get into the bar itself – even if you’re on the guest list. But there are so many places to go nearby so you can grab a pre-jazz drink if that does happen.


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