A Blogger’s Guide To London Fashion Week

Bloggers Guide London Fashion Week Ticket

After covering four years’ worth of Fashion Weeks, I’ve picked up a few tips and tricks for attending as a writer or blogger. If you’re gearing up for this season’s shows, read my guide to make sure you’re properly prepared for the fun frenzy that is London Fashion Week.

T E N  T I P S  F O R  S U R V I V I N G  L O N D O N  F A S H I O N  W E E K

1. Comfortable shoes are so important! You’ll be on your feet for so long and I’m sure you’d rather not be limping by the end of the day. Also make sure you dress in layers. It’s likely to get cold outside, especially if you’re out until evening, but inside the venues it’ll be roasting! Bright lights and a room packed full of press makes it quite stuffy.

2. Even though every show will be running fashionably late, do arrive at least 15 minutes early to queue up – especially for big names. If you’re part of the ‘standing’ crowd, you can be at risk of being cut off if the venue gets too full. It’s annoying waiting around for a show to start, but it’s even worse if you miss it altogether.

3. Make sure you’re in the right queue and not in the priority line if you don’t have a sticker on your invite. I’ve made this mistake before and then reluctantly been sent to the back of another huge queue.

4. Do your research before a show so you really understand what the brand’s aesthetics are. This way, you’ll know which key aspects to look out for on the runway.

Bloggers Guide London Fashion Week Photos

5. If  you’re seeing a few different shows in a day, you’ll want to take notes or they’ll all end up merging into one. Some prefer to jot down in a notebook whilst others may want to use an app on their phone. I find it easiest to make notes right after I come out of a show so it’s fresh in my mind but so that when I’m watching the show, I can take pictures instead of writing.

6. When you head into the venue, it’s tempting to take a seat on one of the rows, but I’ve found it best to choose the back where you get to stand. This way you get a clearer view for taking photos above people’s heads and you have no-one behind you that you could potentially annoy by having your arms up snapping away during the show. Choose a position at either end of the runway rather than the middle as you’ll get more time to take the photo before the model walks past you.

7. Set your camera so that it takes a burst of pictures rather than one shot. It’s really hard to get a good picture of a moving model, but if you take a burst, you’re more likely to get one usable shot. And when the models come out for the finale, switch to video so you can easily view the collection as a whole when you need a quick re-cap for the write up.

8. If you weren’t given any press packs when you came in, hold back after a show until the crowd starts to leave. You’ll notice a few discarded sheets lying around with valuable information about the collection. Make sure you pick this up to reference later! It’s really hard to find the latest information on a new collection online until weeks later otherwise.

Bloggers Guide London Fashion Week Mirror Lipstick Phone Charger

9. All this photography and note-taking will really drain your phone battery. I tend to switch mine to low-power mode even when it’s practically full to slow this down and I take a charger with me. This portable mirror charger is perfect for fashion week – top up your phone battery and top up your lipstick at the same time! I can thank my boyfriend for this brilliant gift.

10. In between shows, please make sure you grab some food and keep hydrated! Rest your legs in a cafe and get some fuel to keep you going. You can forget to eat sometimes in the excitement and rush of it all but the hunger will suddenly catch up with you if you don’t take care of yourself.

Have fun and use this guide to make sure you get the most out of Fashion Week.

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