How To Write Your First Novel

How Write First Novel Once Upon A Time Janet Ellis

I’ve always loved reading books but the idea of writing my own is something I’ve only recently thought about. Though I have a fair bit of writing experience, I didn’t really have any storytelling and was struggling to think of ideas.

So last year, I decided to take a free online course as a first step for how to start writing fiction – I highly recommend it, there’s so much substance to the lessons which I wasn’t expecting from a free course!

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Father’s Day: A Trip Down Memory Lane

Fathers Day 2017 Dad Car Vintage Old Photo 1980 Wimbledon London Blue

With Father’s Day coming up next month, I’ve been asked to share one of my favourite car journey memories as part of the Thanks Dad campaign. I’ve never really thought of a car journey as being particularly memorable before so it was strange that I had so many springing to mind straight away.

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Quartieri Pizza: A Taste Of Naples

Quartieri Restaurant Kilburn Italian Italy Menu Launch Food Pizza Bloggers Press Night

“Inspired by tradition and excited by modern flavours” – Quartieri

I swear I just met the friendliest man on Earth. And it doesn’t hurt that his food is fantastic. Tony Carelli absolutely exudes passion. He’s animated, friendly, excited, energetic – and he has every reason to be, with the launch of his new restaurant, Quartieri.

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