Published Work


I am a regular fashion contributor for a few different online magazines. I write style guides, catwalk reports and editorial articles for both men and women.



Lady Wimbledon

I am deputy editor at Lady Wimbledon, an online lifestyle magazine that covers everything from fashion and beauty to food and fitness. Read my posts here.



Who’s Jack London

I have been writing catwalk reports for WJ London for a few years now and I absolutely love it! Seeing the latest fashion shows at London Collections Men and London Fashion Week never gets old. See all my posts for WJ here.





Not Just A Label is a brilliant fashion website where you can find a whole host of design talent as well as topical editorial on issues within the fashion industry. See below for the articles I have written so far:

Enclothed Cognition – Fashion’s Unheard Voice: What we choose to wear can reveal more about us than we would ever expect. In fact, you could describe clothing as a language we use to express ourselves to others.

Lights, Camera, Edit: Using And Abusing Visual Communications In Fashion: Scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest, you are met with a plethora of beautiful images, filtered and edited to perfection. In a world where marketing has been transformed into visual storytelling, where does the line between inspiring and deceiving lie, when it comes to photo manipulation?

Fashion’s Troubled Mind: The fashion world is often portrayed as a place of glitz and glamour, excess, extravagance and excitement, where whimsical stories are created, culture is crafted and dreams are realised. Yet, beneath the surface of a designer’s psyche lies a very dark secret.




The Idle Man 

I branched out into the man’s world with my articles on men’s style and grooming for The Idle Man. Refer your brothers, friends and boyfriends here.





Alexie is a fairly new online magazine for women with style guides, beauty tips and articles on health. Find advice on what to wear and make-up tips here.


Let’s collaborate! I am always on the lookout for new magazines to work with. I’d love to hear your ideas at